Anonymous DubsOn7 Fan Always

Cheering Warriors All The Way to the Finals!

posted: 4/20/17

irena bailey 10 in a Row!

10 in a ROW!

posted: 11/26/16

Anonymous Gianna and Garrett

Warriors Rock!!!

posted: 11/4/16

Anonymous Forty Niners

Let's Go Niners!

posted: 10/22/16

Anonymous warriors

go warriors

posted: 10/18/16

mgmm1 BeliEVEN


posted: 10/11/16

Ruthie Bolender Madison ("Maddie")

Maddie watching the game in her favorite shirt.

posted: 10/11/16

Anonymous SF Giants

My Lil Giants fan

posted: 10/10/16

Bruce Jones San Jose High Football Supporting Louisiana Flood victims

In the month of Aug. thousands of people from Louisiana were affected by rain and flood water. So to send love, respect, and support, assistant coach Bruce Jones who is an Louisiana native decided to make Louisiana state decals to place on San Jose High Football team helmet. Coach Jones promise his players if they gave any donations he would match a percentage of the donation and send it to one of the organizations that is helping the flood victims back in his home state. All of the players were honored to wear the decal to so their respect for their coach and the people back in Louisiana. The team will be sporting their decals. Friday Sept. 23 as they play their first league game at Branham High School at 7pm.

posted: 9/22/16

Fernando Gomez Dodgers baseball

My 10 year old nephew Jacob and his sister Yvette after a dodgers game I bought them their first jersey and hat at la dodger stadium. So my nephew was told at school that he could not wear his LA Dodger hat because it was gang related and he was taught about gangs at mesquite trails in Hesperia CA he was told gangs shoot and rob people so now he does not like the Dodgers or will not wear any of his gear to school or anywhere for that reason being. Wow I guess the Los Angeles Dodgers are gang members who shoot and rob people great job to the teacher at mesquite trails elementary school. We can do better then this come on now. Please share this photo and message to the public.

posted: 8/22/16