Please contact me,Annemarie Norman (his daughter) ROBERT H NORMAN

My father helped create silicon valley. Nortec,GMe, National Semiconductor, the Integrated Circuit, Memory System,etc. His Passing devistated me and his Memorial is June 2nd at GG Cemetary in San Bruno

posted: 5/22/17

Mom You talkin to me???

Bring on the Cavs!!!

posted: 5/21/17

Momma Steph & Clay

Splash brothers

posted: 5/21/17

Mom Go Warriors

Twins enjoying game

posted: 5/21/17

Jon Tracy Sitting Pretty

This Cerriphine she is 2 and has Cystic Fibrosis, a rare genetic disorder that effects the lungs, salt production, and pancreatic functions. Her family is attempting to move Rohnert Park to Santa Cruz. The salt air of the coastal town helps to break up the thick mucus in her lungs. The family is having a hard time scrapping up the funds to move. They have a GOFUNDME account. Medical Relocation for Cerriphine

posted: 5/19/17

Maureen Pramanik Experience the magic of the 39th annual musical Ramayana!

Gentle tribal folk, demons, kings and an army of brave monkeys and bears! 39th annual musical Ramayana onstage June 9-11 at the Mexican Heritage Theater in San Jose

posted: 5/18/17

Maureen Pramanik 39th annual musical Ramayana!

Monkeys, bears, demons and even a fire-breathing dragon! Follow Prince Ram and Hanuman as they search for the Princess Sita, hidden by Lord Ravana. Ramayana returns to the Mexican Heritage Theater in San Jose, June 9-11

posted: 5/18/17

Her daughter Kari Biggest Warrior fan evet

My 79 year old mom who is rocking the Warriors poncho she got for Mother's Day.

posted: 5/17/17

A member of another team San Ramon Valley High School Greek Games team Gold

SRVHS in Danville hosts annual Greek games every year for Seniors to have fun and compete in many different events. There is a coin drive for the special needs students for the week and team gold is trying to raise the most. The link to the go fund me is here:

posted: 5/17/17

Stayreddy Photography YouthLive! 2017 Silent Youth Art Auction

Guests bid on works of art by Unity Care foster youth at YouthLive! 2017 on May 6th.

posted: 5/15/17