G0tapic Fog Bow

This photo was taken in Miramar this morn, Sunday, by resident Mary Diball.

posted: 5/21/17

LaRue Rodriguez Funnel clouds in Ontario California 1:30pm today's

Driving down Archibald blvd in Ontario Ca saw two funnel that merged into one

posted: 5/20/17

Anonymous Rain

{"hasPhoto":0,"locationName":"Ukiah, CA","conditionName":"Rain","temperature":58,"conditionIconName":"rain_day","hometown":"Ukiah, CA","name":"Linda"}

posted: 5/12/17

Anonymous Thunderstorm

{"hasPhoto":0,"locationName":"Providencia, Santiago","conditionName":"Thunderstorm","temperature":52,"conditionIconName":"thunderstorms","hometown":"","name":""}

posted: 5/12/17

Anonymous Heavy Rain/Flooding

{"conditionName":"Heavy Rain\/Flooding","temperature":52,"hasPhoto":0,"conditionIconName":"heavy_rain","locationName":"Providencia, Santiago"}

posted: 5/12/17

Susan McClory Not a rainbow

Driving into Angels Camp on Saturday when I noticed an unusual cloud. It was developing a striking rainbow of color along it's edge. This went on for about 20 minutes and the colors kept getting more brilliant.

posted: 5/8/17

Jada Lourenco Planes of fame

Planes of fame

posted: 5/5/17

Susan J Chemtrails. Why are they?

Hi! There were chemtrails over Livermore and the south bay this morning. Can you tell us what those are and why "they" make them? And who is "they"? Thanks!

posted: 5/4/17

Sally Moon over San Francisco


posted: 4/30/17

Ken S S F Bay Sunset

S F Bay Sunset Among Clouds

posted: 4/26/17