Me Alan Fowler

He is 41 years old.Not sure about his address.He is my x boy friend.I moved from Santa Rosa last year.and have been able to track down most of my loved ones in the fire.but nobody has seen alan....please help I am on Facebook .Linnea Hermone

posted: 10/18/17

His aunty Ayori Selassie MISSING- MAKONNEN BRENT, 18YO

Picture of Makonnen Brent, 18yo fled from Napa fire on Sunday night and we haven't heard back. Please help us. He mentioned going north to Oregon but we haven't heard from him.

posted: 10/17/17

Angela Ryan Missing Person: Aristotle Ketcham (aka Ari)

A recent photo of Ari. His hair is longer now. He last communicated several days ago and indicated he was near fires. We have been unable to contact him since. We believe he was working on a farm off of Hwy 101 near or around Willits or Leggit, but we aren't absolutely certain. It is unlike him not to check in for such a long time.

posted: 10/17/17

unknown Possibly missing person in Ca fires.

Michael is a friend and we have not been able to contact him since the Ca Fires. I saw where some homes were damaged or destroyed on Soda Canyon Road in Napa. Does anyone know if he is ok?

posted: 10/17/17

Social Media picture Makonnen Bent

Posted by family friend- Makonnen Bent he is 18 and about 5'6" very charming and last I spoke to him he was heading to Oregon from evacuating Napa County near Santa Rosa

posted: 10/17/17

MB Levandoski Have you seen Betty?

Elizabeth "Betty" Ungrodt has not answered calls from her WI family. We are hoping she was evacuated. She lives near the intersection of Oakmount Dr. & Hood Mountain Way. She is 95 years old and may need assistance.

posted: 10/15/17

No current photo Missing person

Raymond Green lives on Los Alamos Rd in Santa Rosa. We cant find him.

posted: 10/14/17

Janet Bohan Missing - Zelda Kelly

Picture of Zelda Kelly

posted: 10/14/17

Janet Bohan Missing - John Bohan

Picture of John Bohan

posted: 10/14/17

Anonymous christopher sean LeLoup jr.

i have not heard from my son since just before the fires. he was "hanging out" in Santa Rosa around the coddington area. i am very worried as he struggles with mental illness. he is very he is he is 26 yrs old friendly and polite. if u have seen him please call Gina-his mom, @707-262-2162. thank you. God bless.

posted: 10/14/17